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Artisanal olives, bread, nuts and cheese in the Pacific region of the USA
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Les boutiques spécialisées et les marchés fermiers de toute la région Pacifique offrent une sélection alléchante de produits de fabrication artisanale et locale.

Achetez ces produits en souvenir ou dégustez-les dans les restaurants de l’Oregon, de la Californie et de Hawaï.

Start Your Day with Coffee

Start with coffee, locally roasted throughout the region. Small-batch roasters such as Coava in Portland, Oregon, operate coffee bars and retail boutiques where guests can purchase coffee by the cup or bag. On Hawaii’s Big Island, farmers grow Kona coffee plants in rich volcanic soil. Hand-picked Kona beans and aromatic cups of brew are available from roadside stands and in restaurants.

Sacs de grains de café fraîchement récoltés dans la région Pacifique

Sacs de grains de café fraîchement récoltés dans la région Pacifique
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Locally Made Specialty Items

For snacking, specialty shops sell oil pressed from California olives, locally made salumi and cheeses crafted at local farmsteads. These pair well with crusty sourdough bread, made from scratch at San Francisco bakeries.

Don’t Forget Dessert

For a sweet ending, nibble macadamia nut shortbread in Hawaii and then buy more to take away as a vacation gift. Or, look for artisan chocolatiers throughout the region. Some of the fare will include  craft truffles and other candies with unexpected add-ins, such as bacon bits and chilies.

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